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Special Events


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That special someone is worth taking the time and effort in, in creating a beautiful and eventful memory that will most definitely pull on the heartstrings. Creating curated events to celebrate love is like eating the frosting on a cupcake, sweet and fulfilling. We all want to execute the perfect yearly celebration, no matter how short or long that celebration may be, and yes I’m hinting at year after year specifically curated, personalized and unique anniversary events. Depending on your needs and wants for how much you’d like to do partake in will determine the next steps.. from paper to silk to porcelain, pearl and diamond. Let's pull on those creative heartstrings. 


Baby Showers

Its almost baby time! Now lets spoil this new little bundle of joy with some stylish outfits and mummy/daddy necessities to help make this process an easy one. No matter the bump in progress, we've still got to show that mama a good time and look forward for what's to come while making some memories along the way. 

We could be going for a day at the safari or picking clementines, all the guests know is there will be some sweet treats and games to play along the way. 

Welcome baby! 

or maybe 2,3,4 or 5..



One last drink, one last dance, one last hurrah before the big day, let's make it an event they’ll always remember, or for the most part of course. We’ve all attended or at some point been involved with organizing a bachlor/ette party, but lets take those events to the next level that everyone wants to have a re-do of theirs. Friends/family, excitement, fun, drinks and good food, mixed with those stellar playlists and dance moves and solid theme to run with, we collaborate the details to entertain for the star of the show! To nights we sometimes might forget, but memories to last a lifetime, celebrating their lifetime with their love. 

Baby in Baptism Clothes_edited.jpg


Bringing a special little one into this world is an event to be celebrated. Pretty outfits, delicate event details and a group of family and friends coming together for a very special celebration of life, young or even old. Many aspects of hosting a baptism and/or christening are taken into account and will be curated with the upmost importance in focusing on the specific ways of celebration to take place and the details in which will leave you and your guests proud and thankful for a lovely celebration. 



Everyone deserves to feel extra loved on their personal celebration day. Whether it's sharing the event with another loved one or spending the day with the focus all on them, we all love a good birthday celebration. This specialized party will be solely focused on personalizing the event to the wants and needs of yourself and the birthday guy/gal. Let's make them feel like there’s no time to worry about growing old, when the best memories are spent growing old with the ones who want to celebrate them most! Let's get to popping some balloons!


Bridal Showers

Flattering that beautiful bride to be holds such special place in they're heart; when paying attention to all those little details you know would be most special on that magical day. We focus wholeheartedly on working through detail to detail with you and the bridal party to ensure we hit every important aspect she would appreciate to have a flawless day, showering the celebration of her and her partners love. A sparkly ring, bottles of champagne combined with some sweet treats, makes for the perfect “we love celebrating your love with you!”

Finaly Done_edited.jpg


Okay so lets get this straight, we're all about love and celebration at CEC but sometimes endorsing a divorce is a chapter in life that seems to be raving in popularity to celebrate. If that's the next step in progressing a happy and healthy lifestyle, who are we to not support and totally embrace that next step. Whether it's hosting yourself or throwing this smashing bash for your friend in need, we have you covered. Maybe a specially designed piñata could help do the trick?



Love is to love, and if you're lucky enough to find that person who gives you that passion and drive for a beautiful life, one in which you can't see a day with them not being apart of, then proposing is the total next step for you! The creativity of concepts that can be curated for such a celebration are never ending. Pulling together this special moment with every detailed aspect in mind will have you & your partner full of emotion and happiness. Now lets get that sentimental ring on that very special persons finger and look forward to many more celebrations to come! 

Restaurant Party Celebration_edited.jpg


Holidays into events. Every year family and friends reunite and gather for specific holidays for example Easter, Canada Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Hanukkah, Christmas or New Years to name a few. No holiday is more or less important to celebrate and may have many sentimental meanings behind them. That being said, let CEC elevate those holidays and create a unique and fun concept that everyone will enjoy. Even from a small day set up with design help to a bigger holiday gathering, CEC will implement from start to finish full, partial or day concepts for all to enjoy. 

Wine Cheers_edited.jpg


There's just something so sweet about hosting your first gathering at your new humble abode. Showing all of your hard work, details and accomplishments whilst sharing the space over some appies and celebratory drinks. Let CEC elevate your housewarming party by adding some unique touches and help with the backbone of hosting a successful gathering. There's something to be said about inviting your closest friends and family to embrace your happy space. Lets get started!   



The next chapter. All those years have finally paid off and it is now time to really enjoy the best years that have yet to come. In order to enjoy the next chapter of adventure, it must be highlighted and celebrated as one of life's major milestones by of course popping some bubbly and sharing stories that are coming to and end with the outlook on maybe spending the days on the golf course or traveling the world. Lets celebrate the 'out with the old & in with the new' chapter that's about to begin. 

Friends Party

Welcome Home/Going Away

A celebration of welcoming home or sending off a loved one, friend or colleague are a way in which to show your love and appreciation for who they are and how important their presence means to you. An event can be planned as a surprise or they can be in on it, although those surprise 

reactions are the most valuable of memories. With a strong focus on the importance of celebrating their meaning in life and either their 

accomplishments, next steps, or "were glad to have you back",

is always an excuse to throw a party of celebrations. 

Corporate Events



Client Appreciation 

There is no better way to say a big thank you to your respective clients who believed in your company and gave you the chance to flourish with your success. Without them that wouldn't be possible. Client appreciation is so important in past, present and future business that hosting a themed and curated event, big or small, will only gain positive impact and reinforcement to success. A couple games, some laughs and chats never hurt anyone. Now lets solidify and keep those clients happy, feed their bellies, pop some bubbly & cheers to a big thank you.

Sparkling Wine_edited.jpg

Corporate Parties

No matter if its a grand opening launch party, sales and team building training exercise or just to acknowledge your wonderful staff on their accomplishments, it an excuse to step out of the 9-5 and into a fun relaxed shin-dig. Corporate parties big and small, a little appreciation goes a really long way and why not spice it up with a neat and unique party theme concept together with games and tasty eats? Launching a business is as equally important to recognize growth as is to recognize success, they’re all worth the same for a celebration of sorts; so let's put our passions together to host a fab, #youllalwaysrememberthis event. 


Employee Gratitude

Just like having the upmost support from clients, without a strong foundation and backing from staff members, supporting their drive and vision and keeping things moving smoothly on a day to day basis is what makes for great success. Employees must be valued and encouraged to express their gratitude for partaking in their work commitment to you. 

Celebrating and hosting an employee gratitude event can include such ideas as a company picnic, scheduled brew or winery, dinner party and more. Let CEC drive that happiness and curate that appreciation for them. 

Mini Dates



Day and/or Night

There are so many planning concepts that can be curated for every single event, including day & night dates. If you feel like you just need a little creative help for a lovely thought out concept, CEC is there for your needs. The date event will be organized by CEC and executed by you, with a total plan in place. Listed beside are a few options for date day/night selection that will be specifically curated for you & your special person, for a more of on the date event experience. 

Check out the on the day event package for the detailed breakdown of planning inclusion.


The Dates

The opportunities are endless & at CEC we believe there is some much fun and creativity that comes together with your dream, my passion and our vision. 

Listed below are the date night options available too curate after a quick consultation going over much needed details. 

> Dough Me 


> Charcuterie Chats & Cheers

> Movie Picnic for Two

> You & I Paint & Pour


The Experience

> Dough Me

Make a pizza from scratch, dough and all. Carefully curated date basket with two aprons, all ingredients needed to make dough from scratch with the requested toppings, pizza sauce, additions to the sauces, and a side salad of choice. Cute napkins and drinks of choice for each person. A fun game and/or personalized drink glasses can be added at an additional cost.

Charcuterie Chats & Cheers

A uniquely curated assortment of meats/cheeses & accompaniments on a cheese board, with a recommended bottle of white and red wine. (2 bottles included) Additional cost to add in an additional bottle of champagne or a specialty selection bottle for a heightened celebration. 2 personalized wine glasses are included with the basket, along with cute napkins and a dessert.

> Movie Picnic for Two

Popcorn, shaker flavours, cookies, candies, & pop are just some of the unique ways to customized items to make the movie basket your own. Along with a couple of the cutest old school popcorn containers and a cozy blanket. Customized vintage glasses or specialty pre popped popcorn selections can be added as an additional cost.

You and I Paint & Pour 

2 tasting boards are provided with glasses, with a hand picked selection of drink choices for the pair of you to taste, while creating a painted masterpiece individually selected based off of preferences and the vibe of the date. Blank canvases, paint, brushes, tasting boards and the 4 drinks are included in the date night package. 

Event Packages


shutterstock_108442445 copy_edited.jpg

Full Package

The full event package  includes all that would be required in curating a flawless event from start to finish. This includes but is not limited to:

*Pricing quote after consultation.

> consultation

> full event concept

> design elements

> sub-contracting

> final consultation

> set-up/take down

> travel & hours timed


Special Events

Corporate Events


Vintage Table Set_edited.jpg

Partial Package

The partial event package  includes most of all that would be required in curating a perfect event for hosting. This includes but is not limited to:

*Pricing quote after consultation. 

> consultation

> full event concept

> design elements

> partial subcontracting

> final consultation

> setup and/or

take down option

> travel & hours timed


Special Events

Corporate Events


Picnic Basket

On the Day

The day of event package  includes particular elements based on the specific event that's chosen.

This includes but is

not limited to:

*Pricing quote after consultation. 

> consultation

> full event concept for mini dates only

> partial event concept for special or corporate events

> design elements

> minimal sub-contracting

> final consultation

> drop-off or setup and/or take down for all events 

> travel & hours timed


Special Events

Corporate Events

Mini Dates



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