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Your Dream, My Passion, Our Vision.

A quote that perfectly depicts the creative aspects that come together for a spectacular event.

Having over a decade of experience in event planning, incorporating my skillsets in creative design and merchandising combined, has allowed me to create magical experiences for my clients thus far.

My focus is to embark on a unique, new and exciting, personally curated experience. One that conveniently alleviates hosting pressures & is structured based off of a full, partial or even on-the-day flawless event.

It is the upmost importance to me to create and execute events that have

my clients feeling, proud, overjoyed and offering a happy sentimental memory

to look back on as; 


pssst. for an added touch an event hashtag will be specifically created for you and your invitees to tag all event pictures to look back on. This along with tagging your images to our events board on our instagram page using the hashtag above. #youllalwaysrememberthis

Charlotte Hensby

CEO & Creative Director


Running four businesses keeps me very busy, so when I was introduced to Charlotte to hire her services for the arrangement of my employee appreciation BBQ, I was very impressed with her creative ideas and preparation of our meetings. The day of the event was spectacular and I was quite taken back and delighted in the attention to detail and personal touches such as the staff and kids goodie bags, the personalized cake, games trophy and overall presentation, truly outstanding. I was so impressed with Charlotte and her helpers that I have scheduled her services for our Christmas celebration and our 2024 summer BBQ. I highly recommend any company to hire Charlottes Event Creations for their corporate events!

Lorenzo Pellicciotta.

Oakville, ON

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